performance cloud

Social Analytics

Each interaction leaves a mark. Get the digital footprint of your posts and the impact on the community. Know precisely what suits your followers and why.

loyalty cloud

People Analytics

Understanding your fans and followers is the first step to be better and faster at posting. Like, comments, share. Pull up the metrics you need.

engage cloud


Listen to your community and engage with them. Contact them directly. Understand their needs. Support them and turn them into advocates.

One inbox

Listen to everything in one feed

Why bother going to multiple places to do the same thing. We manage it for you. React quickly by liking comments or messages. Get the context, go through all of it quickly. All you need to do is react and engage.
Contextual behaviour

History and information at a glance

See the origin of the message. A publication, a comment, a direct message or a tweet. ReponseIO enables you to look at message history at one glance. You will see who replied what and when.
One inbox

Listen, engage and build your community

One place to gather every mentions, direct messages, comments. Use it to react directly to what's happening on your page and controlling your flow of information the way you want it. Trigger call to action and build your fanbase by engaging and give love.

What is Social Analytics and ReponseIO made for?

Our Plans

Choose the option you need!


per Month
  • Until 5000 likes as total for all accounts
  • Max 3 reports sent per month
  • 2 weeks of People Analytics
  • 2 weeks of Post Engagement Analytics
  • 3 months history
  • Social Media Inbox
Free Trial 14 days


per Month
  • Until 50000 likes as total for all accounts
  • Max 6 reports sent per month
  • A month of People Analytics
  • A month of Post Engagement Analytics
  • 1 year history
  • Unlimited Social Media inbox
Free trial 14 days


Starting per Month
  • Unlimited likes in total for all accounts
  • Unlimited reports sent per month
  • 3 months of People Analytics
  • 3 months of Post Engagement Analytics
  • Unlimited history
  • Unlimited Social Media inbox
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